Weekly review: Week ending May 4, 2008

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Last week:

  • Posted the last of my notes from my conference, adding the other tips people shared from my packed session on “The Top 10 Web 2.0 Tools Every IBM Consultant Should Try”
  • Did community consulting for several internal groups
  • Prepared for two teleconference presentations on Web 2.0 next week
  • Got my internal login problems resolved, hooray!
  • Realized that intranets don’t need A-lists, and that concentrating on celebrities can actually be harmful – must blog about this later
  • Submitted the revised 7th chapter of my Wicked Cool Emacs book after some frustration about how to write about moving targets
  • Watched Joe versus the Volcano and a lot of episodes of Human Weapon with W- and J-.
  • Read through a fair bit of Prince Caspian and devoured a number of other books as well.
  • Tried to figure out how to do surveys in Lotus Notes. No luck.
  • Met a new mentor.
  • Prepared spreadsheets of my finances – doing well =)
  • Realized teleconferences will probably be a big part of my life, so I might as well get good at them ;)

Next week:

  • Two teleconference presentations
  • Client work
  • More progress on my permanent residency application
  • My first meeting with a financial advisor – hence the spreadsheets
  • More yoga
  • Another article for chapter 6 of Wicked Cool Emacs book
  • Driving lessons
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