Quick weekly report, week ending June 29, 2008

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Next week, I’m going to write these weekly updates on Friday or something, so they don’t get squeezed into Sunday night. =)

This week:

  • Work: Welcomed new team member on board. Also, a CSS person joined our project team, hooray!
  • Work: More Drupal work, yay! Going through bugs reported in QA process.
  • Fight/fitness: headlocks, knees, 360′ defenses
  • Fun: Three movies (so spoiled!): Wall-E, You Don’t Mess with the Zohan (surprisingly funny), and Kung Fu Panda. Shopped for a few things to make life even better.

Next week:

  • Drupal, Drupal, more Drupal. =)
  • Promised to map Web 2.0 for business resources within the company. Time to break out the visualization tools.
  • Promised to put together a guide for speakers.
  • Promised to put together some resources for new hires.
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