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It seems that all I did at work this week was struggle with CSS and HTML. (Darn you, IE6!) And there’s more of that next week, too. Ah, front-end development work. I’m learning way more than I want to know about the inconsistencies of the box model, floating behavior, and other quirky things that plague web designers. There’s a reason I stick to back-end code…

The rest of life has been quite interesting. Between my recently-rejoined krav maga classes and the Manila-hot humidity that’s been hitting Toronto recently, I’ve been… hmm… glowing, right, that’s the term. Whatever happened to “temperate” weather? Oh, well, at least it’s sunny. And when it isn’t sunny, nature takes care of watering the garden for me.

My cantaloupe seeds have finally germinated. I had started another batch indoors after birds and resident wildlife snacked on the seeds I optimistically sowed outside. (“But it said late May to early June!” “Also requires at least five nights of more than 23’C.” “Oh.”) Two of those seeds grew roots, so I carefully planted them outside. I’m not sure if they’ll manage to grow before winter sets in, but it’s fun even as a science experiment. The rosemary sprigs are growing quite well, too, and I hope a few of them will take the hint and start branching out. I’ve sown some lettuce and basil seeds as well, although I suspect that rabbits will get to the lettuce long before we will.

Slight progress on my book – half an article written. I hadn’t really explored Emacs’ spam-filtering features before, so this is new ground for me.

Next week: two presentations and more development work. Oh, and more yoga and krav! We’ll see if I survive.

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