Weekly review: Week ending June 1, 2008

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Last week:

  • Gave two presentations in person: I.B.Millennials at the Regional Technical Exchange at Sheraton Parkway, and Top 10 [IBM] Web 2.0 Tools You Should Try at the TechConnect event at the IBM Toronto Lab.
  • Much progress on the Drupal project I’m working on. =) I’m getting the hang of theming it, too!
  • Progress on my book. It’s a lot easier when I think about blog posts instead of 2000-word chunks, and blog readers instead of book readers… =)
  • Applied for clearance from Japan (for permanent residency application)
  • Assembled paperwork for extension of work permit
  • Checked out a whole bunch of books from the library. Hooray!

Next week:

  • One virtual presentation: Taking It Offline/Online – how to combine your online and offline social networking
  • Do more work on the Drupal project – theming, multisite
  • Wicked Cool Emacs: filtering spam, scoring mail, setting up profiles
  • Send application for extension of work permit
  • Check with University of Toronto regarding reference letter
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