Weekly review: week ending July 20, 2008

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Oops. I’m a bit late. =)
There wasn’t much else to report besides the GBS Learning Week and my feedback from it. Worked a lot during those four days, ended up slightly frazzled on Thursday and thinking about overtime. Survived making seven presentations in one week! Also, got some practice in driving, came across a few cool videos, such as What teachers make (inspiring) and the Emacs Org Google tech talk (geeky), and worked on some more Drupal stuff. Had nice chat with Mom.

Goals for this week:

  • Get that much closer to a release-worthy version of the Drupal site.
  • Blog more about Emacs in an attempt to get back on the book-writing track. Thanks to folks in #emacs and people who have been e-mailing/commenting on Emacs-related stuff!
  • Meet up with people in Ottawa. W- is going to the Ottawa Linux Symposium.
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