Just ordered a tablet

| geek

I’ve just ordered the Cintiq 12WX, a 12.1″ pressure-sensitive tablet that also includes a screen so that you can see what you’re working on. I think it’s brilliant. It will probably be even more useful than the Lenovo X61 Tablet PC–the other gadget I was considering getting with the gadget fund I’d saved up.

I hope it will arrive in time for the four-day weekend we’ve got coming up. I’d love to use it to sketch my presentations, and W- will certainly enjoy using it to retouch photos.

I like this feeling. I knew I’d be in the market for some kind of drawing thing, so I started saving a few months ago. After I gave my Nintendo DS to my mom, I needed another drawing tool, and it was nice to know what I wanted AND know that I could freely get it.

More sketches to come!

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