Many hats: Technical writer

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I just spent the last three days updating the administrator’s guide and related documentation for the Transition2 project, making pretty screenshots and typing in clear, step-by-step instructions. Last time I checked, I had 80 pages or so. I don’t know if anyone’s going to read it, but at least it’s there. =)

I actually had fun writing it. I do miss hacking on Drupal code, though.

So here’s my current hierarchy of things I enjoy doing for work, going from most enjoyable to least enjoyable:

  • Connecting with people, brainstorming, giving presentations about things I’m passionate about, learning, writing about what I’m learning – love love love!
  • Helping people learn about tools they’re going to love
  • Developing on open source platforms with terrific user communities (hello, Drupal, Emacs!)
  • Writing documentation (not so much)
  • Dealing with paperwork and fiddly things I can’t automate
  • Making front-ends
  • Dealing with cross-browser issues and other things that force me to use Microsoft Windows (not a happy kitty!)
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