Weekly review: Week ending Sept 28

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  • I prepared and gave a presentation on Gen Y and how work is changing to an IBM team that helps make awesome things happen on our intranet. Videoconferencing made this remote presentation a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed being able to see people during the question-and-answer section and the panel. The external version of the presentation is on Slideshare (Work: The Next Generation), and I’ll look into the recordings I made to see if any of them turned out fine.
  • I felt ill during most of the week. With a lot of rest, hot tea, hot water bottles, and the occasional ibuprofen tablet, though, I managed to get through it. I even got a fair bit of work done.
  • I got invited to an external panel on government, youth, and Web 2.0, and an internal panel on storytelling. Exciting times! Passion really does result in compounding opportunities.
  • I finished the wool jumper I was working on (Simplicity 4097), and I wore it outside the house. =) The first time I wore one of my sewing creations outside! Whee!
  • Leia was very chatty. We suspect she’s in heat. In a few days, she’ll be off her antibiotics (she had been sneezing), and she’ll be ready for an operation.

Plans for next week (well, this week):

  • TUE: Complete the scenarios for Gen Y and banking, make plans for the trip to Boston.
  • TUE: Attend Dan Pink’s career talk at the University of Toronto. (!)
  • TUE: Kick off my project assessment process.
  • WED: Get the next release of Transition2 ready for production.
  • FRI: Finish the alerts feature for Transition2.
  • SAT: Re-immerse myself in the Emacs community. I’m finding it hard to write because I don’t talk to other people enough.
  • SAT: Possibly meet up with Ben Casnocha and a bunch of other interesting people.
  • SUN: Finish the coordinating wool jacket I’m working on.
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