Things I do when I’m travelling on my own

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Here are some odd things I give myself permission to do when I’m travelling on my own:

  • Play computer games in the airport. In particular, I play Nethack, a really old text-based adventure game. I don’t know how I started associating Nethack with airports and travel, but it works for me. Maybe it’s Pavlovian reconditioning – I don’t like the hassle of flying, but Nethack makes it bearable.
  • Sing. Softer when other people are around–just enough for me to hear the song in my head. Stronger when I’m walking by myself. Even stronger when the subway’s coming in and the screech of the rails can drown me out. =) I think I’ve gotten better at singing, too – I’ve just suddenly figured out how to do the middle notes I used to have such a problem with before…
  • Take a cab. Or at least I will, on the way back. I took public transit from the airport to the hotel today, and while it wasn’t an ordeal, it wasn’t fun, either.

I wonder what W- is doing with his kitchen pass… =)

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