Leavin’ well enough alone

| geek

So I’ve gotten my Linux partition mostly back into working order. I had run out of hard disk space on my main partition. I tried to move files to the other partition. I must’ve done something terribly wrong, because things started failing. My mail server. My graphical user environment. And – oh no! – my VPN connection back to the IBM network. So I booted into Microsoft Windows to take care of some of the things they wanted for the project and to stick around on instant messaging just in case people started panicking, but let me tell you – it’s no fun developing without my tools.

Someday I’m going to learn to leave well enough alone. Or make my partitions large enough in the first place. Or look into properly resizing partitions.

Actually, nix that leaving well enough alone bit, because if I left well enough alone all the time, I’d never get anywhere. So maybe it’s just about being able to dig myself out of problems. I know how to deal with this: I can still work on Windows, and I’ll fix my system tomorrow morning when I get into the office.

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