Weekly review: week ending Dec 21

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Last week:

  • Dealt with lots of little bugs for the Drupal-based project we’re working on. Solved an IE7 problem blind.
  • Automated the build process for the Drupal-based project I’m working on next week. Ah, lazy programmers.
  • Caught up with lots of people at #hohoto; still owe them e-mail.
  • Had coffee with Jeff Muzzerall and Sameer Vasta, who got along splendidly. Hooray!
  • Put together 2008 letter with W-. Getting pictures printed turned out to be more of an adventure than expected.
  • Picked up better cat food at Global Pet Foods store. Also picked up a can of turducken for their Christmas dinner. (Turducken! In a can! Sheesh.)
  • Had great fun chatting with my mom through her new computer.
  • Exercised a bit.
  • Watched classic movies. Picked up a bit of a drawl.

Next week:

  • Mail annual letter. – Mostly done.
  • Get in the groove of the education-related Drupal-based project. Generalize my web-based install and deployment script for the second project, and make the build guy very happy.
  • Celebrate the holidays. Maybe plan a treasure hunt for J-‘s present.
  • Make the Drupal-based conference site while work is at a lull.
  • Review all of my blog posts.
  • Contact Ian Eure about book.
  • Start editing Emacswiki pages.
  • Learn even more about Drupal.
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