Weekly review: Week ending January 25, 2009

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The sore throat from last week transformed into a nasty cold. Fortunately, working from home meant I was just as productive as I would’ve been otherwise (or even more so, considering that I didn’t need to go for a commute). Here’s the update based on last week’s plans:

  • Back to Drupal 5 awesomeness because I’m rejoining the Transition2 project – Yes! And it’s so nice because my scripts and development tools all still work…
  • Hosting Amy Shuen’s IBM talk on ROI for Web 2.0. Almost 300 people have added it to their calendars, so it’ll be a bit of a scramble and I expect technical difficulties, but I think we’ll make it through. Wahoo! We had almost 100 people on the web conference, and it was a fantastic discussion. I messed up and didn’t correctly record the session, but I figured out how to do it better next time. =) Looking forward to hosting my next teleconference!
  • More drawing: I’d like to try translating some of the analyst reports and statistics into graphs and presentations. I may also experiment with making “polished” looking presentations, learning more about tools like Inkscape in the process. Posted one “polished”-ish presentation:

    and one set of diagrams:


  • #lifecampto – flesh out what the event might look and feel like, and find out what people think about it – Posted visual agenda:
    Must figure out how to make it less pixelated =)
  • More book notes; requested a whole bunch of marketing books – check out my checked-out books! sachachua.com/library/library.xml – proper reading log to come soon

w00t! Got everything checked off that list. In addition, I also:

  • Gave a presentation on multigenerational issues to Laurine Peters’ group of 35 IBM profile-holding managers in Alberta. Not bad for two days of notice!
  • Chatted with other people about generational diversity
  • Presented my marketing drafts to the team
  • Hosted Quinn Fung as a house guest – she decided to fly in for ChangeCamp, and had an awesome time there
  • Attended the rtlToronto LEGO heaviest-can-grabbing robotics contest, at which W- won second place. Will post video once I figure out how to convert it.
  • Updated my ROI spreadsheet
  • Had a great mentoring conversation about sharing knowledge in uncertain times
  • Discovered that huevos rancheros are fun and easy to make!
  • Discovered that home-made muffin mix can be refrigerated and used for no-fuss freshly baked muffins in the morning, mm mm mm….

And all that while dealing with a cold! =)

Next week (well, this week, really):

  • More Drupal awesomeness for Transition2
  • I need to finish the paperwork for qualifying for the next band level at work
  • I need to prepare for my upcoming presentations and lectures – February is going to be crazy again
  • I would like to bake something new
  • I’d like to start making a red knee-length coat (hello, Carmen Sandiego!), but I wonder if I should get a red fedora first, so I can color-match. Hmm….
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