Weekly report – Week ending February 8, 2009

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From last week’s plans:

  • LifeCampTO and a dinner party, oh my! That was a lot of fun. Check out my notes and social network analysis.
  • I’m going to bake a pie =) More like apple crumble – the lattice top was a bit too thin. =) Next time, I’ll try a solid top crust, and I’ll double the crust recipe. Mmm!
  • I’ll review all the use cases for work and ask lots and lots of questions Lost my questions when I messed up my Lotus Notes, but that’s okay. Now in development phase! =)
  • I’ll improve the abstract submission process for my conference system Added a couple of fields they asked for, but I’m not sure if we’ll continue with the face-to-face event.

In addition:

  • Had a great conversation with Ted Stanton, Aaron Kim, Will Pate, and Josh Newman about the ROI of Web 2.0, social networking, social network analysis, innovation diffusion, and research
  • Had a great conversation with Jeff Widman about networking, life, and personal outsourcing
  • Had a great conversation with Ida Shessel about networking
  • Rewrote the sponsorship letter for DrupalCampToronto. Another organizer said the new letter was fantastic! All those sales and copywriting books did sink in after all… Next: Learn about delegating and tracking tasks.
  • Stumbled across agreeadate.com in the process of thinking about how to help Katie Bartlett coordinate appointments. Started using it a lot myself.
  • Moved myself over to Google Apps. Have set up a  workflow involving TwitterCal, Emacs, Google Calendar, and Google Apps Calendar.
  • Messed up my system while trying to figure out good way for Windows and Linux to co-exist while presenting. No reliable solution found, so it’s back to slides for the webconference. Actual DrupalCon presentation will be live, though.
  • Ordered books from Chapters, including a book my mom requested
  • Ordered a webcam and had it sent to a family friend in the US, as part of a birthday gift for my mom ;)
  • Set aside money to try outsourcing, and have identified technical task (migrating website and mail). Hiring people on oDesk. Part of birthday gift to Mom

Next week:

  • Attend Drupal Camp Toronto organizers’ meeting, figure out task delegation
  • Give lecture at York University – Schulich Business School on Enterprise 2.0
  • Give talk on Totally Rocking Your Development Environment for the IBM Drupal Users Group
  • Interview people for system administration project
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