Weekly report: Week ending Feb 22, 2009 (yes, a bit late)

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From last week:

  • Move Transition2 to the latest version of Drupal 5 and make sure all the test cases still run Yup. Until something broke again. Still have to figure out what’s going on with our tests
  • Start doing more integration testing, now that others have made progress on their parts Working on other features while waiting
  • Interview more candidates for sysad and virtual assistant positions Hired a bunch of people, yay! See my VA-related blog posts.
  • Sew myself a circle skirt Done. Totally channeling the 1950s!
  • Experiment with a magazine-style WordPress theme Tweaked my theme.
  • Send books to my mom Not done yet.

In addition, I

  • Had great one-on-one sessions with my manager and with my manager’s manager
  • Helped my team members do a lot with Drupal
  • Learned a lot about delegation
  • Picked up a lot of fabric! =) Started making slacks.

… but as is usually the case when I write late weekly reports, there’s a lot more that has slipped away because I hadn’t written it down somewhere. =|

Next week (or what’s left of this week, really):

  • Clean up source code and get it ready for a week’s absence
  • Get ready for DrupalCon trip
  • Delegate some more tasks and figure out how to help people become better web researchers
  • Try capoeira
  • Delegate calendar management
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