Weekly review: Week ending February 14, 2009

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From last week’s plans:

  • Attend Drupal Camp Toronto organizers’ meeting, figure out task delegation Everyone was happy with the sponsorship letter I drafted, and we’re working out a system for managing tasks.
  • Give lecture at York University – Schulich Business School on Enterprise 2.0 That was lots of fun! Recording is on my blog. More than 500 people have viewed this so far… wow! Current est. ROI: offline: 134%, online: 9900%, total 2631%.
  • Give talk on Totally Rocking Your Development Environment for the IBM Drupal Users Group That went really well, too! It was a sneak preview of my upcoming DrupalCon 2009 talk, and I learned that I somehow managed to pick up a bucketload of tips while working on various Drupal projects. I have way too much material to fit into the real talk, so this will be interesting.
  • Interview people for system administration project This has been going well. Turns out interviewing people is less scary than I thought it was! In fact, scheduling things was so painless that I’ll be interviewing a whole bunch of people for a potential part-time personal virtual assistant position too…

In addition, I:

  • Finally got all the test cases to work again! Fighting bit rot and interactions is hard work!
  • Had lunch with a bunch of interesting Web 2.0 folks at the Social Friday 2.0 lunch organized by Aaron Kim
  • Delighted my project manager by referring him to the social media consulting tips for community tools that I’d developed in January last year
  • Delighted various IBMers by referring them to my bookmarks for Enterprise 2.0 metrics and ROI, my presentations, and other cool things
  • Survived a week of many meetings and presentations
  • Figured out how to post picture-in-picture recordings of my presentations
  • Am getting better at remembering to set up everything I need to record, and at having backup ways to capture my presentations
  • Received the coat and books I’d ordered online
  • Upgraded to the latest version of WordPress
  • Had to have my iPod reflashed
  • Baked some blueberry muffins
  • Attended a geeky get-together at HackLab celebrating the 1234567890th epoch second.
  • Chatted with a number of people about networking
  • Explored systems like BatchBook, Relenta, and SugarCRM for web-based contact management; jury’s still out on this one
  • Fully moved my calendar and mail over to Google Apps for my domain
  • Got treated to daing na bangus from scratch by the ever so wonderful W-, who deboned the fish himself (!)

Happiness. =) (And Inbox Zero, for the most part!)

Over this weekend and next week, I plan to:

  • Move Transition2 to the latest version of Drupal 5 and make sure all the test cases still run
  • Start doing more integration testing, now that others have made progress on their parts
  • Interview more candidates for sysad and virtual assistant positions
  • Sew myself a circle skirt
  • Experiment with a magazine-style WordPress theme
  • Send books to my mom
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