Weekly report: week ending March 1, 2009

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From last week:

  • Clean up source code and get it ready for a week’s absence. Passes all the unit tests, hooray!
  • Get ready for DrupalCon trip. I’ve been invited to another panel, so more preparation – and I haven’t even finished that blog post for my own session yet! =)
  • Delegate some more tasks and figure out how to help people become better web researchers. Posted demo and process. =)

I also:

  • Picked up my new passport (ooh, shiny).
  • Discovered the joys of the Ubiquity extension for Firefox. =)
  • Started on our taxes.
  • Made mussels marinara with W-! Mmm mm mm… =D Also am starting to really get the hang of those muffins.
  • Assigned a bunch of other tasks to my VA team.

Next week:

  • DrupalCon 2009 in Washington! Give session on Totally Rocking Your Development Environment, participate in panel on staging and deployment practices.
  • Hang out with Sameer Vasta. Give him birthday book and cookies. =)
  • Organize my library book notes.
  • Outline my talk on March 14.
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