Weekly report: Week ending March 29, 2009

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From last week:

  • Sort out Transition2 bugs Getting ready for release!
  • Finish proposal
  • Get Smart presentation on IBM Web 2.0 tools That rocked!
  • Finish at least two forms Hooray! Almost done, I think…
  • Try Angelo Racoma’s VA service Asked them to get started on that managing-VAs project
  • Give feedback to Timebridge Yay!


  • Filed our taxes, oh my =)
  • Got a bike! =D
  • Set up a couple more talks
  • Helped team members learn more about Drupal
  • Automated more processes
  • Caught up with some friends
  • Reviewed my plans and set up some short-term projects
  • Received interesting posts about career advice from two of my VAs, after I challenged them to write me something more than the usual platitudes. One posted, one to follow.

Next week:

  • Deploy new release of Transition2
  • Ride my bike! =)
  • Work on organizing talks, ideas, and material some more


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