Weekly review: Week ending March 22, 2009

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From last week:

  • Fix defects detected during Transition2 testing
  • Update all the user documentation for Transition2. On hold until we get all the defects sorted out and things stop changing
  • Saturday: Deliver short talk to Drupal Peru on Totally Rocking Your Development Environment That was tons of fun!
  • Chat with Jeff Widman regarding outsourcing Also talked about consulting and passion
  • Explore Batchbook for contact management Seems interesting. =) I have a two-month free trial – let’s see if it becomes part of the way I work.
  • Look for a web-based GTD-compatible task management system that integrates well with e-mail; RTM? Batchbook? Probably Remember The Milk…


  • Met up with Mesh panelists
  • Helped with a proposal
  • Presented DrupalCon wrap-up at IBM Drupal Users Group meeting
  • Gave feedback to someone from Tungle
  • Getting the hang of this delegating thing… =)

Next week:

  • Sort out Transition2 bugs
  • Finish proposal
  • Get Smart presentation on IBM Web 2.0 tools
  • Finish at least two forms
  • Try Angelo Racoma’s VA service
  • Give feedback to Timebridge
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