Weekly review: Week ending March 8, 2009

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From last week:

  • DrupalCon 2009 in Washington! Gave a talk on Totally Rocking Your Development Environment to approximately 300 people, and had tons of fun learning from lots of people at the conference.
  • Hang out with Sameer Vasta. Give him birthday book and cookies. =) Enjoyed going around Washington on Saturday, too. Yay metro and Ben’s!
  • Organize my library book notes. Not done, although I’ve returned all the other books already.
  • Outline my talk on March 14. Not done yet, but I’ll work on that tonight.

Also: I came home to a wonderful scavenger hunt! I’m such a lucky gal… =)

My priorities for this week are:

  • Finish phase of Transition2 project – some more Drupal code to write and tests to run.
  • Prepare and deliver career talk on “Making a Name for Yourself”. The session will be two hours long and we expect 80 people to attend.
  • Print out all the paperwork I need. I need to extend my post-graduate work permit, renew my visa, apply for permanent residency, and appeal health care. Lots of paperwork!

I’m also planning to attend a few events during the week, and to meet up with a number of people. Busy busy busy! And I still need to write up my notes from DrupalCon…

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