Weekly report: Week ending April 24, 2009

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From last week’s plans:

  • Work on Transition2 some more. Design phase…
  • Share my experiences with delegating illustration Yay!
  • Finish the two blouses I’m sewing I should’ve followed my hunch that the interfacing I bought was too heavy and the collar style I checked using a muslin was unflattering. Oh well! I’ve bought lightweight interfacing and I’ll shelve the other blouse until I find a collar style I can use to rescue it.
  • Send my paperwork after getting the new salary letter Hooray! Hooray hooray hooray hooray! I sent in my paperwork for permanent residency, so now it’s just a matter of waiting to see if the Canadian government (which had been pretty nice when it came to taxes) will give me residency before my work permit expires.

I also:

  • shared my Drupal staging and deployment tips, finally
  • got an e-mail from Dries because of that post!
  • got invited to give a presentation at the IBM Technical Leadership Exchange – *squee!*
  • had great conversation with
  • prepared my personal business commitments for the year, with some handy metrics
  • prepared my individual development plan for the year, with great insights from my mentors
  • made lots of maps: how I manage my money, what makes me happy, what makes me happy at work
  • experimented with sending a newsletter to a small random sample of my LinkedIn contacts
  • started updating our installation profile at work
  • practiced more piano – got the hang of the left hand of Tolling Bells
  • learned a little bit of Notes customization
  • sketched some more in a reflection on happy-do
  • fixed the template issues on my internal IBM blog, hooray
  • biked a little less than 18 km (9 going, 9 back) so that I could buy some sewing supplies from downtown. Yay!
  • attended Simon Boccanegra performed by the Canadian Opera Company – hooray!
  • …and prepared muffins for breakfast for four days! =)

Next week, I plan to:

  • get better at making design documents, thanks to my team members’ feedback
  • prepare background research for upcoming talks
  • develop a presenter’s guide for internal conferences
  • spend some time going through some of the great learning resources we have at work
  • mentor a colleague on Drupal application development
  • sew a skirt
  • sew a muslin for a blouse
  • sketch five new stick figures
  • … and continue to have and share tons of fun!
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