Monthly review: April 2009

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Better late than never! =) Here’s what April 2009 was all about:

I thought about my typical day’s happiness, what makes me happy at work, what makes me happy in general, and happiness as a martial art.

Software development
I’ve been getting better at writing design documents. Our staging and deployment practices (particularly with my Drupal Makefile) are pretty good, too! Learned a lot from the previous phase of our Drupal project…

Virtual assistance
I found myself talking to more and more people about virtual assistance, so I wrote some tips for getting started with virtual assistance. Turns out transcription is awesome. Imagining more possibilities for talk management and talk information too! I shared some tips on building a team.

I had a great conversation with Isaac Ezer and Andrew Louis. I wrote a quarterly review and weekly reports (April 5 April 12 April 18 April 24). I drew a map of my financial network and thought about making ridiculous amounts of money. I enjoyed riding on my bicycle, working on wool skirts and learning piano pieces

From last month’s plans:

  • Virtual conferences and public speaking: I will put together two webinars and at least four blog posts about tips for public speaking, particularly for remote presentations. I think that would help make a difference at work. Hadn’t worked on this, although I did put together a few abstracts.
  • Bicycling: I will get more comfortable on my new bicycle so that I can easily run errands or ride my bike for fitness and enjoyment. DONE!
  • Delegation: I will delegate more tasks and develop more processes. DONE!

Plans for May:

  • More Transition2 work
  • Get ready for another presentation crunch
  • Finally have that get-together Done!
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