Weekly review: Week ending May 22, 2009

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From last week:

  • Revise our event calendar some more I think I’ve gotten a handle on those pesky timezone problems…
  • Fix up the partner access model, pass tests DONE!
  • Finish prepping for some of my upcoming talks In progress
  • Write that monthly overview Did it after starting to work on this weekly review. Felt it was easier to just do it than to keep carrying the task forward…
  • Start thinking about the next dress I want to make, maybe a little black dress Still thinking! Keeping an eye out for nice patterns
  • Bike every day I’ve exercised every day. Does that count? =D

I also:

  • Solved database problems
  • Helped my team avoid a lot of complexity and lower our estimated time needed by convincing the team to adopt a simpler approach
  • Watched Star Trek with W- (whee!)
  • Sorted out my flight arrangements for California
  • Borrowed a large number of books from the library
  • Started helping another client learn more about LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Started on “Send in the Clowns”, which is one of my dad’s favourite songs

Next week:

  • More Transition2 work – finish event-related bugs
  • More LinkedIn and Facebook coaching – prepare guide
  • More presentations – finish slides and notes!
  • More gardening!
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