Weekly review: week ending May 18, 2009

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From last week’s plans:

  • Work: Finish AJAX behaviour for event calendar Hooray! I know a lot more about JQuery now
  • Work: Build new Drupal access model for our partners Mostly there, still needs more testing. Hooray test-driven design and development!
  • Presentations: Prepare for upcoming presentations Hadn’t done enough of this
  • Sewing: Finish dress Whee!
  • Blog: Write that monthly report Still haven’t done this
  • Life: Host a get-together This was fun! I’ve asked my assistant to start organizing one for next month.

I also:

  • Planted lots of basil in our garden
  • Watched Star Trek. It was awesome!
  • Went on my first fully-loaded books+groceries bike trip with my new pannier
  • Fixed bugs in the event calendar system
  • Got my Cintiq 12WX to work again, after much pain and suffering
  • Coached a developer in Pune and a senior IT architect in Toronto on Drupal
  • Requested a whole bunch of books using my awesome Goodreads+virtual assistance+TPL combo
  • Submitted another abstract called “Remote Presentations That Rock” for a leadership conference at work

This week, I plan to:

  • Revise our event calendar some more
  • Fix up the partner access model, pass tests
  • Finish prepping for some of my upcoming talks
  • Write that monthly overview
  • Start thinking about the next dress I want to make, maybe a little black dress
  • Bike every day
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