Weekly review: Week ending June 21, 2009

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From last week’s plans

  • Social Recruiting Summit
  • Taking the Stage: The Power of Voice
  • Develop Drupal system – Transition2 Got the forums to mostly work
  • Coach clients on LinkedIn
  • Prepare presentations More work needed
  • Attend sprouts class Skipped, decided to learn this on my own instead. $40 could buy a lot of seeds. =) Started mung beans and mustard seeds.
  • Dinner party Postponed to next week.

I also:

  • Sewed a laptop case with pockets for my power adapter, iPod, mouse, and other gadgets
  • Attended W-‘s extended family’s Father’s Day dinner and had tons of fun =)
  • Uploaded some pictures
  • Played shutterbug with W- and J-. It’s like Punchbuggy, but you have to shoot the Beetle ;)
  • Planted marigolds and strawflowers in the front flower boxes, near the new blueberry bushes
  • Read lots of books =)

Next week, I plan to:

  • Complete contact preferences feature and admin feature for forums (Drupal)
  • Give two presentations at work (LinkedIn and Twitter, Totally Rocking Presentations at IBM) and submit a third (I.B.Millennials: Working with and Learning from Gen Y)
  • Sew a nylon bag for carrying lots of stuff
  • Host a dinner get-together
  • Have a facial =)
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