Weekly review: Week ending June 28, 2009

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From last week’s plans:

  • Complete contact preferences feature and admin feature for forums (Drupal) Skipped
  • Give
    two presentations at work (LinkedIn and Twitter, Totally Rocking
    Presentations at IBM) and submit a third (I.B.Millennials: Working with
    and Learning from Gen Y)
  • Sew a nylon bag for carrying lots of stuff I have my own tote! =)
  • Host a dinner get-together That was a surprisingly satisfying Saturday supper salad and sorbet soiree. =)
  • Have a facial Ow!

I also:

  • Accepted a challenging new assignment at work – Web 2.0 and Gen Y parts of strategy workshops with top clients, oh my!
  • Had a garden salad with radish and lettuce sprouts
  • Helped W- and J- do awesome things with my sewing machine
  • Read lots of books
  • Found out
  • Biked a bit

Next week:

  • Handle any issues in the Transition2 roll-out (seems pretty okay for now, looks like our lessons learned from last phase did the trick)
  • Get ready for next two assignments
  • Prepare presentations
  • Blog thoughts
  • Take pictures of sewing projects and garden
  • Document lessons learned
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