Weekly review: Week ending May 31, 2009

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From last week’s plans:

  • More Transition2 work – finish event-related bugs Another day, another build… Things are progressing nicely!
  • More LinkedIn and Facebook coaching – prepare guide Well on the way towards a LinkedIn 101 guide for investment advisors and insurance agents
  • More presentations – finish slides and notes! Delivered a presentation, submitted another one
  • More gardening! Started seeds, yay!


  • Watched Up – awesome!
  • Checked out 22 books on gardening from the library, mwahahaha
  • Cut out gingham check pieces for Vogue blouse.

Next week (well, this week, really):

  • Relationships: Play with photography
  • Wealth/career: Revise guide, prepare Transition2 build, give Early Career Conference presentation, prepare other presentations
  • Skills/personal growth: Make dream book, play with photography, learn Send in the Clowns and more of Fur Elise, get more fabric =), sew blouse
  • Health/fitness: Explore High Park on my bike
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