From here to first frost

| gardening

The typical first frost date in Toronto is October 6, which is 93 days away. If we allow two weeks for safety, that gives us 79 days of growing, minus whatever time you need to germinate.

My garden is full. Full full full full. I shouldn’t plant any more into it, because each plant needs room to grow. But if I were to plant more veggies in it, here are some candidates:

  • Radishes (maturity: 30 days), although they may go to seed
  • Beets (maturity: 40-70 days)
  • Pole beans (maturity: 60 days)
  • Bush beans (maturity: 60 days)
  • Peas (maturity: 60 days)
  • Cucumbers (maturity: 60-90 days)
  • Corn (maturity: 60-90 days)
  • Lettuce (maturity: 70-90 days)
  • Onion sets (maturity: 50-60 days)

Maybe I have time for another crop of radishes after I harvest this one. =) I’ll have a little bit of space.

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