Hobbies for life

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Even my leisure ties into my long-term goals.

One of the reasons why I’m interested in learning more about sewing and gardening is that these are hobbies that I can pursue throughout life. In fact, they’re stereotypical elderly pursuits, like golf is. These are hobbies that people can enjoy for decades, where there is plenty of room to grow, and where deep experience results in great satisfaction.

I like imagining what it’ll be like when I’m older and more experienced. What will it be like when I can make whatever outfits I want and whatever organizers I need? What will it be like when I know how to grow my favourite fruits and vegetables, when I understand the rhythm of the seasons and the lay of the land? The same goes for my other interests, like cooking, writing, taking pictures, and playing the piano. The learning curve stretches before me.

I know that even misshapen seams and wilted plants can help me get there. It’s all part of the learning process.

When I shared this realization with W-, he smiled. He said, “Not like computer gaming.” Hobbies like computer gaming don’t seem to have as much depth or longevity, and pastimes like watching television, well, they just pass the time.

I suspect this is worth thinking about. Can your hobbies grow over the long term?

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