The fullness of days

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“How are you?” asked a client after the Canada Day holiday.

“Fantastic!” I replied.

She was surprised by that. Perhaps she expected me to say that the holiday was too short, or to wish that the weekend were here. So I told her about how I filled my holiday to the brim with wonderful hobbies, and how I was also happy to have another day to spend on work.

A day is a day.
To spend the day wishing it was something else is to waste the potential of each moment.

When it’s a holiday, I take time to explore other things and to reflect. When it’s a work day, I work. I enjoy exploring my interests. I enjoy figuring things out for clients, the company, and myself.

Every day can be a terrific day when you aren’t wishing it’s something else.

Almost anything can be terrific when you aren’t wishing it’s something else.

I learned that the hard way by being homesick and confused. To be homesick is to be mis-placed – to be in the wrong place, to feel confused about where you want to be. I missed the Philippines when I was in Canada. I missed Canada when I was in the Philippines. When I stopped wishing I was someplace else and started really living wherever I was, it was easier to find the good things.

Same goes for days. If you’re always wishing for the weekend, or for the end of the day, or for the start of the week so that you can tackle your pile of work, you’ll find that time works against you. Time slows down when you’re looking forward to something. Time speeds up when you’re there–it’s over too quickly.

Be in the moment.


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