My life as a 25-year-old

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I’ll be turning 26 on Wednesday, and I thought I’d review the past year. I wrote a Ruby program to crunch the tagging statistics of my blog, and I saw some patterns I thought I’d like to share with you. Here’s a tagcloud of the 25th year of my life (showing only popular tags used from Aug 2008 to July 2009). Below it, you can see the biggest losers and biggest gainers in terms of tags, as compared to my life as a 24-year-old.

The drops in Emacs-related posts is because I stopped working on the Wicked Cool Emacs book, which Ian Eure is now working on. Instead, we’ve adopted two cats, I started doing a lot more Drupal at work, and I picked up a few new interests.

It’s pretty cool being able to see things like that. =)

Diagrams were created in Inkscape, after crunching my WordPress XML file using a Ruby REXML stream parser and some fiddling.

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