Weekly review: Weeks ending August 8 and 15, 2009

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From the previous week’s plans:

  • Find ways to recognize the contributions people had made to the idea lab
  • Learn enough about Lotus Notes programming to create that sign-up button with referral tracking
  • Take the medical exam for my permanent residency application
  • Take another improv class (whee!)
  • Prepare another week’s meals
  • Chat with someone who’s interested in Gen Y and careers
  • Think about what I’d like to do for my 26th birthday =D

For the week ending on August 8, I also:

  • Made apricot syrup
  • Chatted with a mentor about influence
  • Got ready for a staycation

For the week ending August 15, I:

  • Reviewed my past year of blog posts
  • Reflected on relationships
  • Had a Skype party with my friends
  • Made jalapeno jelly and blueberry jam
  • Sent a care package home
  • Finished a new dress
  • Ordered some books
  • Wrote a Ruby program to extract my blog tags
  • Attended an improv class
  • Blogged a number of reflections
  • Facilitated a session on generational challenges
  • Had a facial. Still breaking out, though.
  • Organized my drawers neatly. Yay!

Next week, I plan to:

  • attend a class on presentations
  • make a Slideshare presentation on networking for introverts
  • write some more
  • bike every day
  • host a tea party
  • plant snow peas
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