Weekly review: Week ending September 13, 2009

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From last week’s plans:

  • Work: Finish straw man proposal for better idea labs
  • Work: Start on guide to help La Gaude
  • Improv: Finish Improv 101, start Improv 102, have friends over
  • Sewing: Make sleepwear Still haven’t cut out my new set of pajamas, but I did make some very useful bags (and a lunch sack!)

I also:

  • Helped out with a new initiative at work
  • Booked travel to a planning meeting in Somers, NY
  • Baked lemon squares for the first time, yay!
  • Participated in a good panel on choosing social computing tools
  • Biked a lot
  • Watched a comedy show with a friend who was celebrating her birthday
  • Had tea with Daneal Charney

Plans for next week (this week, really)

  • Attend final session of Taking the Stage
  • Travel to Somers
  • Cross-reference presentations, agendas, and curriculum
  • Have lunch with Martin Cleaver
  • Attend my first sewing class (well, outside grade school home economics)
  • Attend another improv class
  • Blog about improv classes
  • Make purse organizer

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