Weekly review: Week ending September 6, 2009

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From last week’s plans:

  • Work – more planning, tweaking, putting together My team is happy with the improvements I’ve been suggesting. Yay!
  • Web 2.0 and education talk It’s funny how I can talk to 90 people in person and reach 3312 views online. I’m tempted to focus more on online presentations than real-life presentations because they’re more flexible and far-reaching…
  • Cookies! =) Prepared another batch of frozen biscuits, yay!
  • More biking Biked to improv class. That was good!

I also:

  • Packed my 72-hour bag
  • Made a serendipitous connection with people in Brazil doing similar work
  • Signed up for sewing classes

Next week’s plans:

  • Work: Finish straw man proposal for better idea labs
  • Work: Start on guide to help La Gaude
  • Improv: Finish Improv 101, start Improv 102, have friends over
  • Sewing: Make sleepwear

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