Weekly review: Week ending October 25, 2009

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Plans from last week:

  • Work:
    • Set up two idea labs and send invitations
    • Follow up with experts
    • Write the script/speaker’s notes for my upcoming sessions
  • Relationships:
    • Make lamb curry and freeze lunches for W- and me
    • Host a tea party
    • Start on that sofa wrap – Still have to measure the sofa
  • Life:
    • Pick up a few things to make fall and winter more bearable – Postponed; making do for now
    • Launch The Shy Connector website – Will sketch things out some more =)
    • Post more of my drafted blog posts
  • World: Donate money through the Canadian Red Cross

I also:

  • Posted a quick sketchcast of how I draw
  • Sent out Lotus Notes invitations to the upcoming idea lab – now with cool metrics!
  • Planned how I’m going to do the passport part of my permanent residency application
  • Reviewed my personal business commitment results for 2009
  • Developed the Phase 2: Explore slides for an upcoming training program
  • Put together a quick proposal for an expert discussion
  • Attended W-’s niece’s birthday dinner
  • Planted garlic
  • Attended improv and sewing classes
  • Added content to my Delegator website
  • Read a couple of books on leadership, improv, innovation, and other topics
  • Helped W- deal with a smashed laptop
  • Resumed writing morning pages

Plans for next week:

  • Work
    • Facilitate idea lab
    • Develop more training material
    • Connect with people throughout the organization
  • Relationships
    • Organize lunches with friends
    • Practice reaching out to my network
  • Life
    • Finish my skirt
    • Delegate flyer review and menu planning
    • Create a simple animation
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