Made a sofa wrap!

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In preparation for Neko’s arrival (and to protect W-‘s leather couch from the adventures of soon-to-be-three cats), we decided to make a sofa wrap. The two layers were a bit much, so we thought we’d try making just the underlayer.

The Internet said that microsuede’s pricey, but probably the best fabric you can get for a sofa cover (especially with cats around). After measuring our sofa, comparison-shopping at different fabric stores, and borrowing swatches to check at home (we even did some cat tests!), we bought 11 yards of microsuede at Designer Depot for $15.99 a yard. We stuffed it into W-‘s backpack and biked home.

I re-measured the fabric, cut it in half (making sure I marked the nap), and sewed the two pieces together to make a large rectangle. We draped the fabric on the sofa, tucked in the 12″ allowance around the cushions, and voila! the sofa was wrapped.

W- and I settled into it, and Luke joined us without waiting for an invitation. The tabby stretched in evident approval. Leia was initially hesitant, but she warmed up to it. =)

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