The luxury of making

| sewing, sketches


My standard for decadence used to be the microfiber robe I once had the pleasure of trying in a hotel spa. It was unbelievably soft and comfortable. I added a luxury bathrobe to the list of things that might be worth buying someday. In the meantime, I contented myself with the terry bathrobe I picked up at a bargain from Winners.

I finished making a hooded fleece bathrobe. The pockets are a little too low, the edges are not quite finished, and lint and stray threads are everywhere. After some adjustments, the sleeves are now the right length. The hood does not pull up at the back. One of the pockets features a cat. It’s mine, it’s cozy, and it’s the best robe I’ve ever had. I think it’s even cooler than this Jedi bathrobe. ;)

I love the territorial pleasures of making things for myself.

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