Meeting resolutions

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I want to participate in and facilitate better meetings. Here are some resolutions I will strive towards:

  • I will make sure all my meetings have clear objectives and agendas.
  • I will limit meeting invitation to people who are necessary, and I will explain their involvement.
  • I will follow up with action items that name specific people with responsibilities.
  • I will make sure meeting invites include call-in numbers for all the countries expected.
  • I will make sure meeting invites include web conference instructions if needed.
  • I will not use the mute button.
  • I will not multitask.
  • I will schedule meetings so that people have enough time to transition from their previous meeting and to their next meeting. This probably means starting five minutes after the hour, and ending in 20 minutes or 45/50 minutes.
  • I will insist that participants do not take calls from their cars, and will reschedule if necessary.
  • I will schedule meetings at least two days in advance, to give people time to respond.
  • I will send materials at least one day in advance.

Looking forward to adding to this list as I learn more!

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