Kaizen: WITI: The Shy Connector

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Around 100 people attended the Shy Connector webinar I gave for Women in Technology, International. It was lots of fun!

What worked well:

  • You know, I might be on to something with this topic…
  • People liked the webcam, the interaction, and the visual approach.
  • The text chat was lively and there was plenty to talk about.
  • Quickly installing my own survey system let me get more feedback.
  • The Camtasia recording provided a useful backup for capturing the interaction images as well as the text chat.
  • Having shyconnector.com and theshyconnector.com helped.

What I can do even better next time:

  • Refer to interesting hats instead of funny hats. There’s nothing inherently funny about my cool Tilley hat, the word just got stuck in my head (nervousness?).
  • Have one of the said hats handy.
  • Use shyconnector.com instead of j.mp, as some companies block URL shorteners.
  • Have an announcement up on my blog to make it easier for people to find information.
  • Save the text chat before sending out the URL. InstantPresenter closed unexpectedly, boo!
  • I still lean towards LivingAnAwesomeLife.com instead of LivingAwesomely. LivingAwesomely feels a little abrupt.

Follow-up actions:

  • Write about thoughts from the text chat.
  • Prepare introvert guide to public speaking (must come up with catchy title: Two Hundred is Easier than Two?)
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