I heart gardening

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I used part of my dream fund to buy a 4’x2’ lean-to greenhouse. Right now, it’s sheltering our bitter melon (ampalaya) seedlings. I hope we’ll be able to grow them to maturity this time! That will be fun. I also move other seedlings into the greenhouse as they sprout from our seed starters, because we don’t get enough light indoors and grow lights still feel a little too serious. ;)

Perennials: The blueberry bushes in front are beginning to grow their leaves back. The strawberry plants in our raised beds have returned with a vengeance, bright green leaves pushing through the dried stalks I’d almost given up on. The garlic shoots have poked up in neat rows (except for two – snacked on by starving squirrels, perhaps?). Even the lavender is beginning to recover. The oregano didn’t make it through, though.

New plants: The new blueberry bushes near the deck are still establishing themselves. The basil seeds I planted last weekend sprouted quickly, and I’m looking forward to lining the path with the seedlings once they’re large enough to transplant. Squirrels dug up many of the onions I planted in the back, so I might look into making a scarecrow. The cilantro and lettuce I planted two weeks ago are beginning to emerge. No sign of the bush beans or the pak choi, though. Might be time to plant another set, just in case.

I’m already thinking of what to do as we expand our “productive garden” space further into the back yard. W- will help me clear and prepare maybe eight more square feet of sunny garden.

What a wonderful thing it is to have a garden where we can grow herbs, fruits, and vegetables. I’m looking forward to good cooking, good food, and lots of learning.

Over the next few years, I plan to:

  • experiment with cultivars
  • keep a more detailed journal. MyFolia looks tempting, but requires too many clicks for what I want to do. Back to Org mode!
  • extend the garden
  • extend the growing season
  • grow cat-safe flowers for cutting (Dimorphotheca? Clintonia uniflora? Calendula officinalis (also edible, but not good for people with asthma)? Zinnias?)
  • grow food for storage


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