LotusScript: Checking another database for categories that do not contain a document of a particular type

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We want to scale up Innovation Discovery and share the insights/workshop methods with more people, so one of my tasks is to remove sensitive information from our workshop output documents, post the scrubbed output documents in our community, and update the relevant sector page in our wiki.

This would be easier if people notified me after engagements, but at least we've gotten people into the habit of adding files to the Teamroom. I decided that instead of asking people to remember one more step in our post-engagement process, I would just regularly get into the habit of checking the Teamroom for updated documents. The Teamroom date view is useful, but there are other documents mixed into this, and I don't think I can get my team members to adopt a consistent naming scheme or document type. However, if I wrote an agent to tell me which client categories didn't have a final output document entry yet, I could use that to find new entries and follow up on old ones. So I did.

I didn’t have access to create new agents in the Teamroom database. I worked around this by creating this agent in my own database and then connecting to the other database from there.

Sub Initialize
	'This script looks for all the client categories that do not have a final documents entry
	'Display the current document's Categories field
	Dim dbID As New NotesDatabase("","dbom1\global18.nsf")
	Dim doc As NotesDocument
	Dim catView As NotesView
	Set catView = dbID.getView("CategoryLookup")
	'Determine list of clients
	Set doc = catView.Getfirstdocument()
	Dim clients List As String
	Dim finished List As String
	Do Until(doc Is Nothing)
		Dim category As String
		category = doc.Getitemvalue("Categories")(0)
		If (InStr(category, "Clients") <> 0) Then
			'This belongs in the client category. Has it been found? Add it to the list
			category = Mid(category, 9)
			clients(category) = category 
			If (doc.GetItemValue("DocType")(0) = "Final output") Then
				finished(category) = category 	
			End If 
		End if
		Set doc = catView.Getnextdocument(doc)
	'Remove completed items
	Dim s As String
	s = ""
	ForAll client In clients
		If (Not IsElement(finished(client))) then
			s = s + client + " "
		End if
	End ForAll
End Sub

I change entries to the “Final output” document type after I've processed them. So far, so good!

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