Lotus Notes mail practices

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Here is a partial list of interesting practices I’ve seen, which I can compile into an internal or external wiki if I don’t come across an existing repository yet:

  • Voting buttons in newsletters to allow people to rate the usefulness
  • Subscription button in newsletters to allow people who received forwarded messages to be added to the distribution list
  • Calendar buttons
  • Forms/surveys
  • RSVP+calendar entry buttons in event invitations – creating non-blocking entries if necessary
  • Calendar button for scheduling replays if you can’t make it to the original event
  • Using sections to hide material (note: manually configure section properties so that sections are collapsed by default, but automatically expanded for printing)
  • Voting/volunteering buttons
  • Response summarization agents
  • Mail merge
  • Stationery
  • Standard response documents
  • Introductory sentence explaining why people are getting mail
  • Reply button with template
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