Weekly review: Week ending December 31, 2010

From last week’s plans

  • Work
    • [X] Work on Project M: Make sure users have permissions to do things
    • [X] Work on Project S: Clean things up
    • [X] Idea Lab: Process responses
    • [-] Illustrate networking tips
  • Relationships
    • [-] Hike or bike with W-
    • [-] Write more cards
    • Had Maira’s family over
    • Had New Year’s Eve dinner with W-‘s family
  • Life
    • [-] Get MobileOrg Android patches into mergeable state
    • [X] Review and revise plan, outline 2011
    • [X] Tidy up
    • [-] Tidy up my computer, too: backup, reorganize, clean
    • [X] Plan garden

Plans for next week

  • Work
    • [X] Work on Project M: Documentation, tidying up
    • [X] Work on Project S: Clean things up
    • [X] Idea Lab: Run Idea Lab
    • [X] Illustrate networking tips
  • Relationships
    • [X] Look into cooking or cleaning assistance
  • Life
    • [X] Get well
    • [X] Hire a virtual assistant again

Time analysis

Dec 25 to December 31

Time totals messed up because I didn’t track as much over the holidays, but here’s a guesstimate:

Sleep 53 hours ~ 7 hours per day
Preparation 23 hours Including disassembling washer and dryer
Work 19 hours Took some sick time
Routines 16 hours
Social 8 hours
Writing 2.5 hours
Travel 2 hours I’ve been using some of this for writing time, too
Break 2 hours
Exercise 1.25 hours
Learning 0.75 hours
Driving practice 0.75 hours
Untracked 39.75 hours

Tweaking my time-tracking…

A terrible cold has put a crimp in my productivity and my holiday celebrations, but W- has been totally awesome at taking care of me. He’s been shaking his finger at me for having insisted on spending Friday working when I should have been in bed. “You’ve been working feverishly,” he said, “and now you’ve come down with a fever.” That explains why I was shivering underneath all those covers. Fortunately, it’s nothing W- hasn’t dealt with before, and aspirin soon sorted that out. (Thank you, mdern medicine.)

Definitely time to break out the ginger tea. (Hello, salabat!)