Weekly review: Week ending January 7, 2011

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Relearning the piano. It’s interesting. I can remember playing better than this. Now I’m re-learning how to play these pieces, going, “Ahh. That feels familiar. And then there should be this bit over here – yes, that’s right.” On the other hand, I read notes a little bit faster now than I did before.

Getting well. A persistent cough and some sniffles, but definitely better than last week.

From last week’s plans

  • Work
    • [X] Work on Project M: Documentation, tidying up
    • [X] Work on Project S: Clean things up
    • [X] Idea Lab: Run Idea Lab
    • [X] Illustrate networking tips
    • Learned how to hack Drupal messaging and notifications
    • Found out my Lotusphere 2011 session got accepted
    • Had team lunch with Jennifer Nolan, Johnny Patterson and Elena Neroslavskaya
  • Relationships
    • [-] Look into cooking or cleaning assistance
    • Watched Bride and Prejudice with W- and J- (hooray library DVDs)
    • Read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls
    • … and in general, enjoyed all sorts of things Austen
  • Life
    • [X] Get well
    • [X] Hire a virtual assistant again
    • Watched Bottle Shock, also from the library – that was fun
    • Started teaching myself the piano again
    • Sketched my goals for 2011.
    • Posted my book notes and improved my book workflow.
    • Posted a Kijiji ad looking for a piano teacher

Plans for next week

  • Work
    • [X] Finish up on project S
    • [X] Start testing project M
    • [X] Fix my Lotus Notes
    • [X] Look into Lotusphere
  • Relationships
    • [X] Get around to hosting a get-together, maybe a game night
    • [X] Plan May trip
  • Life
    • [X] Get back into sewing: work on black dress
    • [X] Post more book notes

Time analysis

Sleep 73.6 hours ~ 11 hours per day, thanks to good weekends
Work 33.5 hours A little overtime, but it’s good
Break 22 hours Recuperating
Writing 12 hours
Piano practice 7 hours
Routines 5.5 hours
Outsourceable 4 hours
Exercise 2.5 hours
Social 1.5 hours
Travel 0.5 hours Worked from home so that I wouldn’t get others sick
Untracked 5.9 hours Jan 1-3 had hole-y records, but Jan 4 – 7 was all tracked

Once my categories settle down, I might do some between-week analysis…

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