Still cold? Wear a hat to bed

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I remember teasing W- about how he wears a toque to bed. (It’s a small, brimless hat also known as a beanie.) Several winter months later, I’m a convert to the cause.

Wearing a hat to bed is an excellent way to keep your ears warm. This means less work tucking yourself in and fewer late-night struggles with blankets.

A hat also doubles as a handy sleep mask that keeps the light out if someone else wants to stay up late reading. Just pull your hat down over your eyes. A little bit of light may come in on either side of your nose, but the reduction in light may be enough to let you sleep easily.

A warm hat, fuzzy socks, flannel pajamas, and microfleece sheets – that should see me through the last gasps of winter and into spring. Slowly getting the hang of this!

2011-04-03 Sun 10:24

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