Monthly reviews: April and May 2011

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Time flies! Travel throws me a little off track when it comes to reviewing, but that’s okay – I’m back on the ground and will probably stay home for at least the next little while.

Based on March’s plans:


  • [X] Get a good prototype together for project C
  • [X] Get the paperwork in place for project M
  • [X] Prepare for training on project I
  • [X] Help with other work
  • [X] Assist with “Get Social, Do Business”


  • [X] Put together more study group resources
  • [-] Practise driving – eep!
  • [X] Prepare for May trip


  • [X] Start garden
  • [X] Write and draw a lot
  • [X] Focus discretionary time on plans and experiments

Mostly there, except for the driving bit! I may just register for classes again, or set up a training schedule with W- and stick with it. But it’s summer and I’d much rather bike than sit in a car. Excuses, excuses… =)

Here’s what went on in April and May:

April: Started learning Latin. Worked on Ruby on Rails project (yay!). Gave a presentation on training. Helped with math study group sessions. Sewed a dress.

May: Celebrated my sister’s wedding in the Netherlands! Wore the red dress I made. =D Started the garden. Deployed a PHP site and conducted training in Colorado. Started with community-supported agriculture. Shifted to eating lots of salad and vegetables. Lots of learning. Some sewing, too.

My favourite posts:

How do I want June to add to my life?

I’m looking forward to lots of gardening, lots of biking, and lots of fruits and vegetables. Some of my friends are getting married – hooray! Work is ramping up, too. Back on the development track, making useful websites… Yay!

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