Portal 2

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So we bought Portal 2 for the PS3, because you can unlock a PC version if you link your Playstation Network and Steam accounts. Turns out the PS3 version plays pretty smoothly, too, so J- is playing it now. The game has great spatial puzzles, is excellently designed, and entertainingly scripted and voiced. I’m looking forward to playing it myself.

We don’t play many video games here. There’s so much we can do instead: cook, garden, sketch, write, read books from the library, watch the occasional movie (also borrowed from the library) while folding clothes or eating dinner… But there’s something to be said about the way games help people learn how to solve puzzles and enjoy mastery. A bit of gaming is like salt and pepper on a meal, perhaps; it sharpens the experience, as long as you don’t add too much.

Also, Portal 2 is really cool.

Spatial puzzles. I can do those typical unwrapping puzzles and things-fitting-into-things puzzles that you find in those Mensa-type books. I have a hard time finding my way around a first-person game though, and I find maps really useful when navigating. I am so glad that GPS + maps showed up during my lifetime. Maybe this will help me get the hang of it too!

Must make sure it doesn’t edge out th other things I want to do. =)

Now starting coop split-screen mode with W-… =D

2011-06-23 Thu 20:15

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