Update on typing: Added AutoCorrect hotkey script, now clocking in at 118wpm

Posted: - Modified: | kaizen

While poking around the AutoHotkey installation, I found an autocorrect script. Autocorrect might help me be less twitchy about typos, which could help me speed up further. Instead of clocking in at 90wpm, I now reach 118wpm as measured on http://www.typingtest.com. There are probably some learning effects because I’m using the same typing test, but repeated practice should level that out, and trying different texts should mix it up.

AutoHotkey is pretty darn cool. One of the good things about using AutoHotkey for autocorrection is that it works across all applications (even Emacs!). I can easily tweak the AutoHotkey script to add, delete, or change substitutions.

I’ll keep track of my time over more trials as I experiment with different things. Good to play around with this!

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