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I like reading about other people’s adventures in self-tracking and experimentation. It’s a great way to pick up ideas and connect with other people. There’s Quantified Self, but it has a handful of authors. One morning, I went through twenty pages of search results in order to put together this list for you and me.

(In case you’re curious, it took me a little over two hours to put this together, and Google Chrome hung twice.)

In no particular order…

Blogs that discuss quantified self:

  1. Quantified Self, of course
  2. The Quantified Doctor
  3. Lifestream Blog, Mark Krynsky – QS conference notes
  4. Eric Boyd
  5. Joost Plattel
  6. Sacha Chua: Quantified – my blog =)
  7. Alexandra Carmichael at the Institute of the Future
  8. Ethan Zuckerman‘s QS 2011 conference notes
  9. The Measured Life
  10. The Future of Self-Knowledge
  11. Personal Informatics
  12. Personal Science
  13. Flowing Data: Self-surveillance
  14. Matthew Cornell: The experiment-driven life
  15. Alex Bangs
  16. Thede Technologies
  17. Hallicious
  18. Basis
  19. Eric Blue
  20. Seth’s Blog
  21. Bulletproof Executive
  22. Pioneering Ideas
  23. sen.se
  24. Matt Lucht
  25. Jon Mount Joy
  26. Red 7
  27. Quantter
  28. Neurosky
  29. Radhika
  30. The Decision Tree
  31. Habit Labs
  32. Wellness FX
  33. Where in the World is Ken Snyder?
  34. bsRUBIN
  35. Austin Yoder
  36. Jason Grimes
  37. expsychlab
  38. There Is No Wetware
  39. The Informagician
  40. Opposable Planets
  41. Design Mindfulness
  42. A Rich Life
  43. DIY Health
  44. Just Kiel
  45. Delta Self
  46. Tonic
  47. Track Ignite
  48. Feedblog
  49. Tap Log
  50. Withings
  51. Human Sensing
  52. I Grow Digital

One-offs / blogs that are hard to filter for QS:

  1. Lifehacker: Quantified self
  2. Gizmodo
  3. Jo Writes: Quantified Self
  4. good.is: The Quantified Self: You are your data
  5. Startup Happiness: Agile and lean self-development
  6. Concurring Opinions: The Quantified Self: personal choice and privacy
  7. Gary Wolf on how Quantified Self started
  8. Institute of the Future interview with Gary Wolf on health and self-tracking
  9. The Healthcare Blog: The Quantified Self and the future of health care
  10. Healthcare IT News: Couch potato Quantified Self journey
  11. Technology Review
  12. Big Think
  13. Case Organic: Track your happiness
  14. Sentient Developments: Quantified Self and Paleo
  15. epatients.net: The quantified patient
  16. Wellsphere: Sleep, Zeo, and the Quantified Self
  17. Adrian Short: Waste minimisation and the quantified self
  18. O’Reilly Radar: Quantified Self and personal data
  19. Creative Intelligence
  20. Xconomy
  21. Dream Studies: 9 holistic health apps for the quantified self
  22. Medicine and Technology
  23. Chron: As we measure our lives in greater detail, will our behavior improve?
  24. FT Magazine
  25. Network Cultures: Quantified Self 1: A fragmented analysis
  26. Open Source: Open health and Quantified Self
  27. Make: Self-experimentation unusually effective
  28. iDoneThis
  29. The New York Times: Self-measurement
  30. Kevin Kelly – also self-tracking
  31. Forbes – also adventures in self-surveillance
  32. Wandering Stan: Self-trickery for good
  33. Social Workout: Doh – time to throw away your FitBit?
  34. Double Think: Monitoring and self-monitoring
  35. Connected Health: From couch potato to Quantified Self
  36. Dented Reality: Waking up with Wakemate
  37. Florian Micahelles: Forget about genius – just think about numbers
  38. Sherrard Ewing: Running and the Quantified Self
  39. Reviving the Health Revolution: Seattle Quantified show and tell
  40. Naveenium: Quantified Self 2011
  41. Conversation Agent: The Quantified Self: identity and value
  42. Summer of Smart: Building online communities to improve public health
  43. Huffington Post: Are Self-Tracking Devices the Key to Weight Loss?
  44. Refocuser: The beginner’s guide to self-tracking & analysis
  45. Future Lab: Counting down to the era of the quantified self
  46. Future 2.0: Quantified Self and self-tracking
  47. Bytemarks: Quantified Self 2011
  48. Depression Anxiety Blog: Health Ins Quote
  49. The Ultimate Answer: Quantified Self on happiness
  50. ekivemark: #RainbowButton and Quantified Self
  51. Smithsonian: Me, my data, and I
  52. Homo Competens: Quantified Self experiment with Google+ and 42goals
  53. Design Culture Lab: On measuring ourselves
  54. Mostly Muppet: The Quantified Self
  55. Auto Despair: Self-hacking / life-blogging / quantified-self & “Moodscope”
  56. Rally the Cause: Quantified Self: Changing behavior using data
  57. Josh Simerman: New tools for Quantified Self tracking
  58. Ignatius Bau: First Quantified Self conference
  59. mdoeff: 10 interesting things from HealthCamp SFBay
  60. Samuel Life: Quantified Self – show&tell
  61. Transparency Revolution: The quantified career
  62. Amy Robinson: Self-experiment
  63. Kru Research: Sleep, Zeo, and the Quantified Self
  64. Desperate Sarah: Quantified Self

Quantified Self also posts frequent link roundups, so check them out to find more resources. Have any favourite blogs related to Quantified Self, self-tracking, or experimentation? Please share!

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