January 13, 2012

| life

It snowed today. Both W- and I worked from home. We closed the blinds and lowered the shades so that I wouldn’t have to look at the snow falling. I’m still in the stage of preferring winter to be abstract; savoured as baking season in a warm kitchen instead of seen – or experienced – as flurries and blizzards.

After the snow and wind subsided, we walked to the supermarket to pick up some supplies. Snow has a way of making everything farther, but good company makes a good walk.

I had shifted plenty of work time to the previous weekend in order to try something new this week. I felt stretched a little bit, but I think it paid off. I collected more data to help me make decisions.

I had more time today to focus on Quantified Awesome, too. I’m working on opening the site up to registrations. Yes, still that. I have a development environment up on the server so that I can work on it even when I’m away from home. After I build a tutorial, I think it will be ready for a couple of users.

I fixed some issues with the Lotus Connections community toolkit I’d created at work. It’s good to get that sorted out.

We held our first study group session for this year, reviewing areas, circumferences, and volumes. The kids asked for help with their other subjects, too. Writing: the five-paragraph structure. Drama: Romeo and Juliet.

After they departed, W- and I got ready for a cooking sprint. We watched Rashomon while having dinner. After I finished my beef bulgogi, I settled in and scrubbed more potatoes. The fingerling potatoes we received from the community-supported agriculture program had been crusty with dirt that was hard to dislodge. Half of the potatoes were relatively clean, thanks to last night’s movie-accompanied scrubbing. I worked my way through the rest of the potatoes as Akira Kurosawa’s classic story unfolded. Scrubbing kept my hands busy and didn’t demand too much attention away from the subtitles. When the potatoes were done, we roasted them along with the beets and the two chickens that W- had marinated in pandan mix. Yum.

A snow day, but not really a quiet one.

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