LEGO and Indiana Jones: nuking the fridge got a lot more fun

| geek

W- picked up the LEGO Indiana Jones game to round out our collection, and we’ve all been enjoying it. The puzzles sometimes take a while to figure out, but like all LEGO games we’ve played so far, they’re never frustrating and the little touches of humour make us laugh.

We started with the episodes for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It hadn’t stuck in our memory as much as the previous films, so the game episodes were a little mystifying (although still lots of fun). To help clear things up, I requested the movie from the library. It was a lot more fun than I’d remembered it to be, possibly because of all the jokes we’d remembered from the game. The movie by itself, I don’t know… The movie and the game, yay. =)

We like the LEGO games. The puzzles are easy to solve, but still contain plenty of jokes. Looking forward to getting LEGO Batman 2 when it comes out (and rewatching the movies!).

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